Chef's Recommendations
110 Moo Goo Guy Pen  $12.50
Tender slices of Chicken Breast stir-fry with mushrooms and mixed vegetables.

111 Moo Goo Beef Pen  $12.50
Tender slices of Beef stir-fry with mushrooms and mixed vegetables.

112 Moo Goo Har Pen  $14.00
Pan fried fresh Shrimps stir-fry with mushrooms and mixed vegetables.

113 Cantonese Tai Choy Voy  $14.00
Tender slices of Chicken, fresh Shrimps, and BBQ pork stir-fry with mixed vegetables.

114 Cantonese Chow Mein  $15.50
A generous portion of soft egg noodles with tender slices of Chicken,  fresh Shrimps, and BBQ pork with mixed vegetables.

115 Singapore Rice Noodle  $14.00
Rice noodles tossed in curry sauce with bean sprouts, eggs, pork, shrimps, onions and celery.

116 Lemon Chicken  $11.50
Battered pieces of fresh chicken with lemon sauce.

117 Beijing Pork  $12.00
Battered pieces of Pork cooked in BBQ sauce with onions and green peppers.

119 Szechuan Chicken (Hot)  $11.50
Breaded Chicken with Szechuan Sauce

120 Shanghai Noodles (Pork) $11.50

Egg Foo Young
100 Chicken Egg Foo Young  $10.50
101 BBQ Pork Egg Foo Young  $10.50
102 Beef Egg Foo Young  $10.50
103 Mushroom Egg Foo Young  $10.50
104 Shrimp Egg Foo Young  $12.00
105 Chew's Egg Foo Young (Chicken, Shrimp and BBQ Pork)  $12.50

***Steam Rice Available Upon Request***




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